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Project Description
The Web File System is a sample ASP.NET web application that enables users to upload and maintain files on a web site.

NOTE: Files for each user are stored in a seperate parent/root folders so that one user does not have the ability to see/access another users files and folders.
The parent/root folder for each user is similar to "WebFileSystem\upload\username" and will be automatically created the first time a user uploads a file.

Developed by Brad Huggins, March 2007

Install Instructions:

1) Unzip the zip file.

2) create an IIS virtual directory (application) pointing to the newly extracted folder "WebFileSystem".

3) ensure that the IIS virtual directory has either basic or Windows Integerated authentication enabled; anonymous must be disabled.

4) ensure that the users uploading files have write access to the "WebFileSystem\upload" folder from within Windows.

Software Requirements :
- Windows 2003 Server
- IIS (with Integrated authentication)
- .NET 2.0 Framework

Reference :

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